8883 Customizable pixel art NFTs.
1,200,000 Fungible $GOONZ Tokens.
Collect, Customize, Quest, Farm, and Earn.

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The polygoonz
Polygoonz hail from a distant planet, which they claim is not so different from our own. If their stories are to be believed, their once lush planet has been ravaged by an interplanetary scourge that they refer to as 'The Faang'. These human-like visitors insist that their war-like ways brought the Faang to their world and that they are the last of their kind. They say their armies stayed behind to fight, but the common belief is that the planet is now in the hands of the Faang, and the only Goonz to survive were these 8,883 humble farmers.

Customize your Polygoonz!

Not your average avatar NFT.
Polygoonz are 8883 ERC-721 collectibles living and farming on the scaleable Polygon Mainnet.

We've been in the NFT space since long before the hype of 2021 and we think the community should expect originality from new collections, not the same template with slightly different art and a change or two in the roadmap. With that in mind, we've designed Polygoonz to define a new standard of quality.
No Gas Wars
In case it wasn't obvious, Polygoonz will deploy on Polygon; where gas wars won't cost people thousands of hard-earned dollars; and the project will be carbon-neutral.
Unique Member Access
Your Polygoonz NFT will grant you access to an exclusive sector of our Discord, as well as VIP access to other projects we work with, and more benefits to be revealed.
Revenue Sharing
50% of all secondary sales royalties we accrue (2.5% of every resale) will be redistributed to the Polygoonz community through raffles, special events, grants and other initiatives.
DeFi Crossover
Alongside the launch of the NFTs, we'll deploy a custom staking contract through the ARTSY platform enabling the Polygoonz NFTs to be staked to earn the $GOONZ ERC-20, which will be backed by a community wallet for liquidity and have a variety of uses as the community and brand evolve.
Reputable Team
The team behind the Polygoonz all have a solid and established presence and reputation in the NFT space. Check us out, DM us, take a look at the other projects that we've been involved in.
Focus on Sustainability
We've seen far too many "X% = Exciting Update" roadmaps that turn out to be little more than a marketing play. Clearly, it worked well for BAYC; but they've also gone above and beyond on their stated goals. We don't think selling out is the end goal. In fact, 100% sold is where our actual roadmap starts.
The opportunity to do good and make a difference in this world is rare. With this project, we recognize that opportunity. In the farming spirit of the Polygoonz, we will be donating 10% of the initial sale proceeds to support food security in India. India, like many other countries, has been hard hit by the pandemic, and it is also where the Polygon blockchain is based. 
Perpetual CC0 
You get all the rights to use, modify, and sell all or part of any Polygoonz NFT you own or have ever owned. Yes, you can sell your NFT and still make t-shirts with that Polygoonz. 
Community Co-Creation
The Polygoonz are a customizable NFT, but owners will also be able to name and write bios and stories for their Polygoonz which will be integrated into the official Polygoonz lore and gameplay. There will also be ways for the community to contribute more directly through creating additional traits, maps, quests, and more!
The mint price is 30 MATIC
Minting will be in MATIC on the Polygon network
Metamask/Polygon Tutorial - Buy MATIC - Bridge from Ethereum

The Polygoonz have escaped the attack on their home planet of Comu and have arrived on Earth!
To The Moon

Collection Release Milestones
800 Goonz Secured

When 800 Goonz have been collected; we'll take a snapshot of all Goonz HODL'ers. When the sale completes, we'll airdrop an exclusive animated story art NFT to the wallets from the snapshot; as long as they contain at least one of their original Goonz.
2000 Goonz Sold
The $GOONZ token farm will open where Polygoonz can be staked to begin earning $GOONZ.

We'll reveal the art style, and the method that will be used to obtain the 880 Goonz not included in the launch sale.
4000 Collected Goonz
We'll reveal the remaining 3 Goonz in the collection, and offer some clues as to how they'll be able to be acquired. These NFT's, moreso than any other Goonz, will be very important in the life cycle of the Polygoonz IP franchise, and a core part of the underlying lore.

We'll also begin aggressive marketing to expedite the sale of the remaining 4000 Goonz; along with the deployment of the community wallet, which will henceforth recieve 10% of all following sales. (Including the Ultra Goonz and the Final Three).
6000 Collected Goonz
We'll open community input regarding additional utilities and features for the Ultra Goonz, and for the final three items in the collection. We'll also unveil a hidden trait held by all Polygoonz.

This is only the beginning.
The $GOONZ tokenomics will remain undisclosed until this time, and we will not create the initial liquidity pool, which effectively prevents us from dictating the starting market cost. We're hopeful that once the community wallet multisig has elected signators, the community will decide, based on the tokenomics and token utility, what a fair valuation of $GOONZ should be, and open a liquidity pool at that value. Of course, anyone is welcome to open liquidity at any time, but as the details get revealed, we're confident that the cooperative nature we've attempted to imbue in these collectibles will be clear.

It's somewhat difficult to explain while needing to be vague, but the point is that we feel like the collectors of the Polygoonz will want to put some consideration into the initial valuation of $GOONZ. After a liquidity pool is opened, so long as it's on a DEX on an approved list to be released along with the tokenomics, we will use 50% of the allocated ETH mentioned above to market-buy $GOONZ and supplement liquidity; after which we'll burn the liquidity tokens representing our position. The allocated spending a supplication may need to be staged based on how much $GOONZ is availble in the pool; as an example:

If the community determines the valuation of $GOONZ should be $1, and the community fund is used to add 1 eth and equivalent $GOONZ to open a liquidity pool, spending 1 ETH on $GOONZ would effectively drain the available supply from the pool, so instead we could spend 0.5 ETH to market buy $GOONZ, then add it and another 0.5 into liquidity, and repeat the process a few days later. (0 $GOONZ will be reserved for the team, so any that we obtain will be through the same methodds available to everyone)

Our plans are likely to carry Polygoonz through the next two years.
Unlike many NFT projects that have come from the current hype wave, the last NFT minted from our collection isn't our definition of success. Instead, it marks the starting point for our real plans; which the collectors of the Polygoonz will have made possible, and will therefore be rewarded the most as our vision becomes reality. We plan to reveal more info as time goes on, and expect it to be a fun, exciting experience for the community when we do; but in the interest of transparency, we'll offer something to speculate on.

We intend to develop Polygoonz into an iconic IP franchise; which we aim to expand on across a variety of mediums and entertainment formats. We can't guarantee everything we've dreamt up will be a realistic goal, we can guarantee that we simply don't accept failure as an option. The first step on that journey will be the steady, incremental release of the Polygoonz lore; either as a comic or an animated series, or both. As the initial lore is released, we'll also be developing a territory control game, with progress and round victories directly reliant on the Polygoonz NFTs, and on the community's ability to strategize and work with their teammates.

In most cases, you'll likely know at least one of us, if not all of us. We've been around the block(chain) a time or two. We are all active and reachable on Twitter, Discord, and the Metaverse in general. Follow, connect, and say hi!

The "Evil" Genius
Creator, Story Director and Contributing Artist
The Tech Wizard
Algorithm Engineer and Solidity Developer
The Creative Vision
Lead Artist, Brand Strategist, and Marketing Support
The Suit and Tie
Project Management, Business Development,and Record Keeping
The Marketing Muscle
Marketing Stategist and Community Development
Oh, you have questions? That's fine, we've got a couple extra answers we could give you.
Are Polygoonz a good investment?
Polygoonz are a collectible game tokens, at most, they're art. We intend for them to have utility within the game that we're developing, and we plan to reward early holders, and the community members with the strongest diamond hands with additional rewards and privileges, but at the end of the day, you're buying jpegs; if that seems like a good investment to you, who are we to disagree? We buy a lot of jpegs. The short answer: Polygoonz are an item to collect as art you enjoy, as a fun way to particpate in the NFT community, not an investment asset.
How much do Polygoonz cost?
Minting 1 Polygoonz will cost 30 MATIC on Polygon. This mints 11 NFTs to your wallet; the Polygoonz base NFT, an ERC-721 with 6 traits, along with 10 other single-trait accessory ERC-1155 NFTs which are interchangeable between your Polygoonz.
How long will it be until the game is developed?
The $GOONZ token farm will be ready for the project launch and will open when the collection is 25% sold. When farming is no longer of interest to the Polygoonz, they are bound to argue and begin fighting over territory. This gamefi aspect will be released in iterations with a playable interface as soon as possible.
Wen drop ser?
February 22, 2022
Who made Polygoonz?
A ragtag group of NFT degens, who realized that maybe those apes are bored because there's nothing new happening in the NFT collectible cycle. Those lunatics even went and doxed themselves on the TEAM section above.