There's a lot going on here.

Here's some info to help explain what the heck the Polygoonz project is all about.
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The $GOONZ token

The $GOONZ token is the fuel of the Polygoonz ecosystem.

How to get $GOONZ:
$GOONZ tokens are currenly free and can be acquired through the various Polygoonz social channels, primarily Discord, but also Twitter and Telegram. There are regular (usually daily) giveaways for $GOONZ in the Discord (both for holders and non-holders) and you can also earn $GOONZ by participating in the Gooniverse, a category of Discord server channels where the Polygoons can complete quests.

Can I buy $GOONZ?
Not yet. Eventually players will the option to stock up on $GOONZ, but they are currenly only available for free.

What can I do with my $GOONZ?
Currenly there are two main ways $GOONZ tokens are used: Raffle tickets, and mint pass auctions. The raffles happen in Discord and players "buy" raffle tickets by sending 10 $GOONZ for each ticket they want to buy to the distribution wallet: 0x884e2016FBF07aBB312AD66c4EC7E015Ea358843.

Later, $GOONZ tokens will be used to buy items from the Polygoonz marketplace that will have varied utility in the Gooniverse. A shovel might cost 10 $GOONZ and give a temporary farming boost to the Polygoonz you have staked in the farm. You'll also be able to sell items your Polygoonz and items you own or receive through trait-specific airdrops. There will also be a limited series of 800 UltraGoonz, which a are high-powered, warrior class, subset of Polygoonz which will cost 1000 $GOONZ! They will have all-new traits (many 1/1s) and will provide a strong competitive edge should there ever be any conflict among the Goonz!

How much are $GOONZ worth?
There is no current value assigned to the $GOONZ tokens and they cannot be swapped for any amount of cryptocurrency. 10% of the project proceeds are dedicated to a community wallet. Conceivably the community might desire that liquidity be added to the $GOONZ token, giving it a dollar value. These decisions will be carefully considered and communicated with the community beforehand.

How do I see my $GOONZ balance?
$GOONZ are an ERC-20 standard token on Matic Mainnet. You can add $GOONZ to your MetaMask by first ensuring you are connected to the Matic Mainnet and adding the custom token:
Contract: 0x813c4C2140711e1fDfcc87A74676F49e1aD012AD
Token Name: Polygoonz $GOONZ Token Symbol: GOONZ
Decimal: 18

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It is necessary to choose a visual aid that is appropriate for the topic and audience.
Viewing the Polygoonz:

The first thing people notice about their Polygoonz is that after staking the items and dressing them up, they still appear nude in OpenSea

The decision to leave them nude on OS was intentional. The rationalle is that OpenSea requires that metadata be refreshed manually any time there is a change. If we allow OpenSea to "see" the decorated Polygoonz, people would natually refresh the data after staking the items to see the "dressed" polygoon. The issue comes in when selling: If someone staked a bunch of super rare items onto a Polygoonz, the updated image and metadata would show those items. A seller could then unstake all the items and list the base NFT for sale and the metadata would still show all the rare items. It would be up to the buyer to make sure to refresh the metadata, wait a minute, refresh OS, and trust that a refresh had infact happened, before buying.

We decided to do it was to have the nudie goonz on OS, that way, nobody would think they're buying anything more than that. If there's a mistake to be made, it's with the seller potentially unintentionally selling a base with staked items at a lower price, thinking that they're only selling the base, but this is far more on the side of user error than anyting malicious, so we thought it would be the better option.

We've added the Gallery where people can go and see all the Polygoonz and also which accessories are staked. This is updated real-time, but the page needs to be refreshed to see changes made to the Polygoonz.